Terzij de Horde In One of These I am Your Enemy

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In One of These I am Your Enemy

Released in 2022 through Consouling Sounds and Tartarus Records

Second edition now available in "FOREST FIRE"



Motel Mozaique

Our festival summer starts early! We'll play "Motel Mozaique Festival in April! This is a festival that really fits what we have been doing for the past years, offering more than just the music. Honoured to have been asked, looking forward to playing with Black Country, New Road , Waxahatchee, Eraker en Schellekens, and many others!

ESNS 2023

We're honoured to have been asked to play ESNS 2023. This immense showcase of European talents, in one of the best cities in the Netherlands, has been on our list for a long time, and we're proud to join artists like Naaz, Tinlicker, S10 and Duo Ruut in a celebration of music and friends!

Bandcamp Friday November 2022

Our people,

We hope you're well. We wanted to give you a heads up for tomorrow. It's Bandcamp Friday again, and as we've done in the past, we're releasing something to collect money for people, causes, who need it more than us.

Tomorrow, we'll make the very first release we recorded as a band available for download. 'Exposed, Barren and Often Windswept' was our very first demo, released in the Myspace era (we know) and thus lost for years. We finally found the recordings, and hope you'll hear some signs of what was to come.

All the money that we'll make tomorrow will go to MiGreat, a grassroots organisation in the Netherlands that provides food, shelter and amenities to people stuck in the horrific Dutch asylum machine. The Dutch government has long neglected human rights when dealing with asylum seekers in the Netherlands, and the past year has been particularly harrowing. Organisations, people, like MiGreat, who offer actual help on the ground need our support, and we are lucky to have them here. migreat.org/ter-apel

Look after each other, hopefully we'll meet soon.

All the best,

Terzij de Horde

Samhain Festival

With the release of "In One of These, I Am Your Enemy" imminent, we can finally start touring again! First show of many coming up, we are finally playing the excellent Samhain festival! Together with Laster, Verwoed, DOOL, Doodswens, Wesenwille and Asphyx we'll be the Dutch invasion of Hasselt, complaining about CARA pils and revering the ORVAL.

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming shows

Past Shows


  • 19-1 ESNS 2023 Mutua Fides Groningen


  • 30-9 Volt Sittard with: Ggu:ll
  • 29-10 Muziekodroom Hasselt (BE) with: Triptykon, Zeal & Ardor, Dool and others
  • 4-11 Stroomhuisje Eindhoven with: Gg:ull
  • 11-12 Wild Boar Wars IV Frankfurt with: Ultha, Alkerdeel, Iskankdr, Nichtung
  • 18-12 Tivoli Utrecht


In One of These, I am Your Enemy


Wacht / Lex Barbarorum

A Chosen Hollow

Seeping Through the Cracks (Neil Perry cover)



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