Terzij de Horde In One of These I am Your Enemy

In One of These I am Your Enemy

Released on April 8 through Consouling Sounds and Tartarus Records


Samhain Festival

With the release of "In One of These, I Am Your Enemy" imminent, we can finally start touring again! First show of many coming up, we are finally playing the excellent Samhain festival! Together with Laster, Verwoed, DOOL, Doodswens, Wesenwille and Asphyx we'll be the Dutch invasion of Hasselt, complaining about CARA pils and revering the ORVAL.

Upcoming Shows


  • Volt Sittard 30 September 2022 with: Ggu:ll Ticket
  • Muziekodroom Hasselt (BE) 29 Oktober 2022 with: Triptykon, Zeal & Ardor, Dool and others Ticket
  • Bar Bricolage Gent (BE) 3 November 2022 with: Throwing Bricks, 30000 Monkies, Eleanora
  • Stroomhuisje Eindhoven 4 November 2022 with: Gg:ull Ticket


  • Peel Slowly and See Gebr. Nobel Leiden 11 Maart 2023 TBA


In One of These, I am Your Enemy


Wacht / Lex Barbarorum

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Seeping Through the Cracks (Neil Perry cover)



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